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Excellent Yummy Mummy Awards

            Celebrating mothers of excellence



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MEET THE FINALISTS- Ijeoma Agbugba-Ofoegbu

Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 4:55 Comments comments (214)


Ijeoma is a wife and a mum of three. She is a multiple award winning Mary Kay UK and Ireland number one Sales Director. She is also a motivational speaker who loves to encourage and support women to start their own business, she holds their hands and shows them the way to rise to the top in the beauty business. 

She is not just championing in the multi-level marketing world, she also owns an online hair and beauty store called Gracy's Hair.


We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 4:45 Comments comments (6)


Lisa Johnson is a multi 6 figure business coach who has mastered the art of creating passive income.

Her social media following shot up to more than 50,000 after she made over half a million dollars in just 18 months. Lisa’s signature technique, called The CASsH System, helps her clients double their income but cut their work hours in half. She developed it after two decades of experience in finance, law and the entertainment industry which help her support her clients in every phase of business development.


Lisa has been featured on the BBC and in international publications, including The Guardian, Red, Psychologies and Huffington Post. A recent Forbes feature on her was viewed more than 250,000 times in less than a week. She also speaks on stages across the globe. Lisa lives in Hertfordshire, UK, with her Husband and  twin sons.


We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 2:35 Comments comments (526)


Born and raised in London, Hannah loves nothing more than seeking out the best in family fun for her three boys, from outdoor adventures to all things transport, tech and time-travel! Hannah's passion to uncover the very best of family-friendly London led her to co-found Kidadl with fellow mum and family-explorer Sophie Orman.

Ex-Linklaters lawyer and UBS banker Hannah Feldman worked for Dragons’ Den’s James Caan before founding Kidadl in 2016.  Kidadl is an online marketplace for family leisure which has raised £1m of investment already.


The site is the place for families to dig out the best things to do in and around London and since launching in July 2017 has added 12,000 parents to its online community.



We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 2:30 Comments comments (6)



Jane Meadows is a proud mum to three amazing teenage children.

When she's not being a parent or working in tech as a Digital Business Analyst,  she spends her time creating valuable contents to support single mums, skincare and fashion contents and general lifestyle posts to inspire my subscribers and followers.


She believes that everyone has something wonderful to share with the world and this is why she enjoys connecting with others around the world, sharing experiences and learning from each other.

We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 2:20 Comments comments (93)



Titi Sowemimo also known as t24realgrace is a mum with children, a legal professional and Adviser, Podcaster and Author of Faith quotes, contributor and writer, A positive catalyst and creative peculiar person. She is an ordained Minister and a worship leader, a multi award winning recording gospel artist, she has her albums and songs on various digital platforms.

She is the founder of Mothers Journeys & Reflections – an initiative and purpose expansion got by inspiration and divine encounter with God to start off after a period of challenges in her life’s journey as a mother. She inspires, uplifts, celebrates, influences and impacts other women like herself and mums to be as well as dads with various creative expressions such as talks, conversation times, events and her ongoing Mothers journeys podcast series, reflection moments. She simple believes that her ideas and creativity comes from God and allows it to unfold as she journeys with Him in life.

Her Music is also a tool of inspiration and impactful on lives- she believe music and lyrics are powerful and it does a lot to the total man- spirit, body and soul. Where words fails music speaks. Titi is part of various community outreach and initiatives. Her initiatives are under the umbrella of the Shine culture which is her brand name.

Her signature words- Shine brighter and life is a journey is often used by her and a lot of others too. Titi defines a yummy mummy as one who first has her own real down to earth journeys, successes, trials ,challenges, experiences etc , one who lives in the moment, but yet does not allow it to get to her head, or to hold her down but still rises up and blesses others, she inspires others, impacts, influences , encourages other mums to own their journeys and share it as they are led to do so and not forgetting to enjoy their moment because life is a journey.


We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 2:15 Comments comments (6)


Mum's Pride (@mums_prideteam on Instagram) is a platform for mothers from different backgrounds and walks of life where they can feel safe, supported and encouraged.


This group was founded four years ago after Katie, the founder, graduated from medical school and realised that, despite having great support from her family and friends, she felt very lonely because it seemed as though no one could relate to her journey as a mum. In Mum's Pride, they all speak the same mum-language and we keep it real.


They have about 150 women on our WhatsApp group where mothers feel free to share their experiences, ask questions and use the platform as it benefits them. They also have separate subgroups such as our "silent group" where they only post events, info, and notices for mothers who prefer to limit WhatsApp chats. They also have subgroups for different locations.


Mum's Pride meet regularly (although we have paused these meetings since the pandemic started), often in small groups, and always allowing children to come along (apart from our yearly Night Out and Spa Day!). They believe in kids networking and, importantly, they understand the difficulties of finding childcare.


Katie is a Christian and sees this group as her ministry and her way of spreading the love of God. For instance, during the first lockdown in 2020, they realised how necessary it was for many of them to have regular prayer meetings to uplift each other. However, they pride themelves in being a diverse group in terms of religion, age and background, and all mothers are welcome.


During these unprecedented times, Mum's Pride has been involved in meetings with local MPs to discuss matters regarding mental health and early learning for our children. As Covid-19 has highlighted the different ways in which the pandemic is affecting different communities, Mum's Pride has taken part in important conversations in the community. They are also well supported by our local Housing Association and local businesses.


Mum's Pride has the privilege of having many women working in the healthcare sector, so the group also has a subgroup for doctors who help answer medical questions and correctly signpost mothers in need. Especially during this pandemic, it has been beneficial to have mothers helping to filter through and explain governmental and medical guidelines.


Mum's Pride has truly been a blessing to many and they wish to continue supporting not only our local community, but also mothers across the world.

We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 12 March, 2021 at 2:05 Comments comments (2)


Dr Hephzi is a mum of two, a research scientist and an entrepreneur with two businesses in the UK as well as being the founding director of a registered international charity.

Hephzi started her career in the biosciences after completing a biomedical science degree before branching out into the pharmaceutical industry after completing a postgraduate degree in pharmaceutical science with management studies.

Hephzi currently serves as the chair of the Essex, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire branch of the Royal Society of Biology.


In 2014, she received a national science communication award for her work in engaging underserved communities with science from the Royal Society of Biology. In 2017 she received a highly commended women in science award by Goldman Sachs at the Win trade awards and that same year she was nominated as a finalist in the outstanding STEM ambassador category of the national stem inspiration awards. Queen Mary University also awarded Hephzi with a community champion award in 2018 for her community engagement with science work and she received a Winston Churchill travel fellowship in 2019.

Hephzi has also been celebrated internationally by being named as a STEM champion by the global telecommunications network, Airtel Ghana.


Hephzi’s work focusses on empowering young people from underserved communities to improve their science capital by providing opportunities to enable them to make informed decisions. This is achieved through work experience, career workshops, volunteer opportunities and tailored inspirational experience days. She also works with community groups and organises an annual street science festival in her local community which has evolved over time since the first event in 2014 and has been featured on ITN news. Hephzi also supports local schools as a STEM ambassador for the Essex region and runs regular STEM inspired activities in the community and public spaces.

She operates a learning centre located in the Basildon town square, Essex which offers after school supported learning and summer school programs from key stage 2 through to A-Levels and adult education. Hephzi believes in nurturing the potential of her students to bring out the best versions of themselves.


Hephzi is a member of the association of British Science Writers and she has written internationally for organisations including, Oxbridge Biotech, Research fortnight,, GhScientific and daily graphic. She is also an international speaker and has presented at multiple conferences, organisations and events across Europe and Africa on education, informal learning, public engagement with science and on engaging with underserved communities.

Her experiences in navigating the UK educational system and her pathway to discovering her career interests as well as the challenges faced and the lack of mentors and role models, led Hephzi along her path of working with young people and their families to provide them with a better experience.



We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.


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Posted on 9 March, 2021 at 2:05 Comments comments (2)


 Krystle Ijeoma Oguntayo is the owner and Chief Cake Engineer of Just Like Mummy’s Ltd, a cake baking and decorating company based in Dartford, Kent. She a mother to four amazing children and a wife to the best husband in the world.

Just Like Mummy’s started 10 years ago whilst she was pregnant with her first child.  Her mother was a baker and as a child of Nigerian origin, helping her mum bake was a given.  Kystle fondly recalls helping her whisk the batter, making the buttercream icing and licking the bowl once she had finished. Sadly, her  mother passed away from Cancer when she was 23 years old so when she was pregnant, the “nesting” stage began to kick in and she had the urge to bake! She remembered how the cake batter should taste, smell and using her natural instincts began to bake cakes as a hobby.  She had her first paid cake order in November 2011 and began to make cakes Just Like My Mummy; officially Just Like Mummy’s had been created.

Over the last 10 years, Just Like Mummy’s has grown from strength to strength! As a home based bakery they take pride in creating a great tasting and bespoke cake creation that remains the centrepiece of any occasions. Specialising in cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other cakey treats, they have brought smiles to many weddings, birthdays, showers and christening occasions. In 2013,  she won a Certificate of Merit in the prestigious Cake International Show in the Sculpted Novelty Cake category and also obtained her second Certificate of Merit in the 2015 Cake International Show Wedding Cake category. The team have also been nominated and shortlisted in many recognisable industry awards such as the Bridebook Wedding Awards 2017 and a finalist in The UK African Wedding awards 2017.

But to date, thier biggest achievement is the ability to give back to others and encourage other mothers or bakers to use the gifts God gave to them.  Krystle has been a Probation Officer for 14 years and working full time, whilst juggling a business, and raising a family has, at times, been challenging; but knowing that each cake has been baked and received in love is a feeling that can not be replaced. In 2019 she launched the Just Like Mummy’s School of Baking where she is able to give back to her community and encourage and mentor upcoming bakers and young children. Due to COVID-19, they were unable to run any face-to-face classes, but being undeterred by this, they quickly began offering online virtual classes and created Quarantine Birthday Cake kits so that you could also bake a cake at home for your loved ones and have a virtual baking party as hosted by them. With the first lockdown also came their baking series Youtube series “14 things to bake with the kids” staring her very own crew to help parents bake with your children as a break away from home-schooling. Seeing them bake like mini professionals really strengthened her Raison d'être; She has been able to create something that can be passed onto my children, just like  her mother passed on her passion onto her. Her ethos of creating multiple stream of income from doing what you love has also been transferred onto to her daughters (aged 13, 10 and 6) who created their own sorbet company – Sorbet Sistaz this year during lockdown.


We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.

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Posted on 5 March, 2021 at 7:50 Comments comments (510)



 Elsie Anakwue is an Eloquent multi-award-winning solicitor. A Loving wife and mother. She is a Selfless parenting coach and mentor for young people. An Inspirational businesswoman and author. Elsie is an Exemplary community mediator and anti-social behaviour specialist.

 Elsie is a British trained and Qualified multi-award-winning solicitor.She has over two decades of varied legal experience including family law, with many noteworthy career achievements.She is well versed in working with youths who have committed crimes or anti-social behaviour or at risk of doing so.


Elsie says that "helping young people step away from a life of crime is incredibly rewarding. But offering a suitable alternative even before they start down that path is better still."This has included Her obtaining gang Injunctions and employing diversionary measures and tools to avoid reoffending by gang members. Elsie successfully secured the first Gang Injunction for a London Borough. She also secured the first Injunction under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 for a London Borough.She is currently working as a Solicitor in-house specialising in litigation for a UK Local Authority.


Elsie is a mother of two, the fruits of a blessed marriage for more than 20 years. According to Elsie; family comes first and we should all be passionate about strengthening healthy family values and relationships".She has been helping young people and families in different settings to establish the most productive loving environments.Elsie is devoted to assisting other parents and guardians in raising happy, healthy, safe, spiritual, physically, emotionally, psychologically sound, independent, hardworking, resilient individuals.


Elsie is a parenting coach, unselfishly giving all to other parents, carers, young people and organisations. Her teaching expertise and guidance involves a combination of knowledge from research and theory with wisdom gained from the practical experience of successful parenting and casework.She enables parents and carers with the required toolsets to build a good working relationship with their children.

 Elsie is an understanding mentor with many years of working with young people, often in very challenging situations, which has taught her to be resilient, creative and resourceful. She is committed to helping young people to achieve their goals and purpose in life. She believes that all young people have the potential for a happy and productive life. Even when most people have given up on them.

 Elsie, the CEO of Anakwue Way Ltd, is a consummate businesswoman and multitasking professional. Her UK limited company provides innovative coaching and mentoring services for parents, carers, young people and organisations. To empower them through smart coaching and mentoring by providing them with relevant strategies, interactive methods and practical tools to handle a variety of issues such as low self-esteem, peer pressure, cyberbullying, friendship issues, sex, drugs, alcohol, consent, child sexual exploitation, underachievement in school, gang associations, career options and many more.

 She is also an inspirational author, with well-received reviews of her first published Parenting guide book "It is Okay to Wait." She was invited as a privileged guest in October 2020, to participate in Southend-on-Sea Borough Council's virtual celebrations for black history month as a black author to share some nuggets from her book "It is Okay to Wait."

 Elsie is an excellent role model for others to follow as she is outstanding in practising what she believes. She has worked for many years as a dedicated community mediator and anti-social behaviour specialist.Elsie is a volunteer "60 Minute Mentor" to pupils in Southend- on-Sea secondary schools. In her own words "Young people often get a bad press today. But in my experience, most will choose a productive and successful path with the right support and guidance." Elsie has delivered workshops to parents from the more disadvantaged communities under "A Better Start Southend" programme which received very positive feedback such as; " She delivered an incredible, powerful and motivating session ... " She was recently appointed as an independent adoption and fostering panel member. According to her; "I relish the chance to take on new challenges and consider myself a "lifelong learner." Elsie is a voice of wisdom to the youths and parents.



We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.




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Posted on 4 March, 2021 at 15:40 Comments comments (6)



Jenni Steele is a mother of three adults, GlamMa to two boys soon to be three,mentor,international author YPIDVA (Young Person Independent Domestic Violence Adviser) , YP and ISVA relationships and sex educator national ambassador DVUK.

With her British Caribbean upbringing, Jenni understands the true meaning of overcoming adversity and has used her life lessons to make a difference to the world – she is a woman who lives her life out loud.


After surviving years of domestic violence as a teenager, Jenni found her strength and escaped from her turmoil. She made a promise to herself to not only rebuild her life and recognise her own self-worth but to also support others who were living with abuse.

Turning a negative chapter in her teenage years into a positive solution for others.  At the core of her soul is not only breaking family cycles just for herself but for her children and future generations . 


Jenni is also the founder and director of Project Yana which went from a healthy relationship education program in 2016 to an early intervention specialist company by 2019


Project YANA, a unique specialist support service created to support high risk young people. Young people experiencing domestic abuse at home, unhealthy teen relationships, teens who are being exploited , teens who may have experienced sexual violence.


The aim is working one-to-one with young people and with statutory agencies (referrals) to ascertain the long and short term impact of their traumatic experience, develop a care pathway, harness and empower young people to develop their key skills.

 The long term purpose of the program is to help young people to recognise and accept their self worth, build their confidence and recognise situations that pose risk and reduce the long term harm. Jenni and her team create group workshops and programs, school tours and one-to-one specialist support plans.

During each lockdown they have remained open as clients and families are a priority! Hence the Teen Inspiration Lounge instagram weekly live slots were created to support families at home. The slot includes support interviews , guests with lived experience. solutions and tips launched onto Spotify during lockdown 1. Season three is due soon.


Her motto :

"Choose HAPPY! Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement."

We can not wait to celebrate this mother of excellence on 14th of March 2021.





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